Mark Scalia

The Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival was established in 2016 by stand-up comedian Mark Scalia with the intention to celebrate comedy, comedians and spirits in historic Salem, MA.

In 2001, Mark was invited to the New Orleans Comedy Festival. While attending, he made great friends, contacts and had amazing shows. 

Mark’s goal of creating The Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival is to have comics network with each other, be supportive, entertain Salem residents and enjoy amazing locally made products and spirits.

"That festival was unlike any other ones I've participated in the past," Mark says. 

"The comics were all there to perform and have fun. It wasn't a contest as a lot of festivals are and because of that, the comics didn't feel competition towards each other. It made it feel more like family and everyone was supportive."

More from Mark:

I was inspired to start the Salem Comedy & Spirit Festival in 2016 because of a festival I attended years back in New Orleans. I have attended several festivals throughout my career but none like this one. It was one of the greatest memories in my 30+ year professional career. It felt like a celebration of comedy and a real appreciation of the craft.

I thought, for the Salem Comedy & Spirit Festival, I want the same relaxed welcoming environment. I’ve been a Salem resident for over 15 years. I love the city and all it has to offer and this couldn’t be a better match.

We are excited to offer a great comedy festival for the audiences and comics where they can feel like they are at home. As a comedian, you have a basic need to make people laugh. This is a unique opportunity to raise everyone’s spirits in winter and create fantastic memories for both the audience and the talented comedians we are honored to have performing.