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Lift your Spirits & Laugh the cold away with this Celebration of Comedy & Spirits in Historic Salem, Massachusetts.​

Featuring top local & national comedians and locally crafted spirits.

Join us in 2024!

Thursday, January 25
Friday, January 26
Saturday, January 27

Tickets on sale NOW.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

The Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival was a great experience! It was the breath of fresh comedic air the area needed. Mark was a phenomenal host and the venues were places I would patronize without the excitement of comedy happening.

Ryan Chani

I had the best time at the Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival in January 2016! Can’t wait to come back next year!

Pete Wolynec

I cannot recommend the Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival more. The shows were packed and all the comedians destroyed! I can’t wait to come back next year!

Danny Rathbun

A great way to see some of New England’s best comic’s while enjoying some great local brews. Awesome time!

Drew Dunn

The Salem Comedy Festival was a great experience. The shows, comics and crowds all exceeded my expectations and I am very happy to have been involved in such a well run event.

Tyler Moore

The Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival is a fantastic experience and professionally run, organized and promoted—and probably the best time I’ve had at a show! Everyone had this “energy” about them from patrons, people running the venue and the comedians! It was “pure fun,” great laughs and the personal feel and a privilege to be a part of it, I can’t wait for next year!

Andy Lester

A weekend of stacked comedy lineups, great crowds, and amazing venues: Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival is a great addition to the New England comedy scene.

Dan Gilbert

A fun, well-organized event, showcasing some of the best talent in New England. The crowds and venues were top-notch and I made some lasting friendships. Also, I didn’t see one wart, which is weird for a city steeped in witchery. Hope to see at least one this year.

Mark Turcotte

A great time filled with good food, amazing atmosphere, and laughs.

Kyle Daley
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